IEA Has Taken Us For Granted And Shown Us No Respect-Koku Anyidoho


Deputy general secretary of the National Democratic Congress,Koku Anyidoho says the Institute of Economic Affairs(IEA), has taken the party for granted and shown it no respect,hence the reason for boycotting the institute’s ongoing presidential debate.

He says the NDC is committed to working with any institution that operates on mutual respect.

“They begun to take us for granted and when you begin to take people for granted,it means you don’t respect them.We respect ourselves so we walk away from you and deal with other bodies”,he told host of Gold Power drive Samuel Eshun.

He further noted “if in the past we’ve been operating on the platform of mutual respect, and then suddenly this year you decide that you’ve got to the point where you can deal minus the party,fine”.

Asked whether the boycott of the debate will have any effect on the party,Koku Anyidoho said there’s none he can think of.He says it is evident that the president is communicating effectively to the people of Ghana than being on the IEA platform.

“if some presidential candidate goes to bad-mouth the president,he is giving a clear testimony of himself.President Mahama is busy working.President Mahama presses a solid magic button and some presidential candidate decides that he is going to go on a fairy tale agenda.They are taking ghanaians for granted”,he indicated.

The deputy general secretary of the NDC stressed that even though the president is prepared to engage in a debate by any institution that operates on mutual respect,the party believes that engaging the people one on one is the best way to go. “Im sure at some point in time,there will be one debate His-Excellency the president will engage in,but we are saying the best form of debate is to engage the people one on one,small community groups on the ground”, Mr Anyidoho added.

By: Doris Frimpomaah Adunyah/

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