Allawa Wahala: Angry Hygiene Students pack out of their Campuses


Students in the three Schools of Hygiene in Korle-Bu, Ho, Tamale have packed out of their campuses in demand of their trainee allowances.

This is the latest action being taken by the students who remain the only group of trainees who have been denied allowances they were receiving before it was scrapped by the former administration.

Most trainees who were receiving allowances before the scrapping have been receiving theirs since September but the Hygiene students have been ignored.

This is despite the fact that they have gone through all the processes required for them to be paid.

The students have started packing out after government ignored several petitions on the issue and a demonstration held last week.

President of the three Schools of Hygiene Jacob Amanor confirmed the move to Gold News.

“Most of the students have packed out to their various homes so just a few students are around and they are also preparing to go home,” he said.

Jacob Amanor said they took the action after government ignored a three day ultimatum they gave following their demonstration.

“We are very frustrated and very disappointed in the government as at now,” he said.

The Leader of three Hygiene Schools says they are beginning to distrust all promises made to them by the government.

“The government promised us that it is moving us to the Sanitation ministry and Water resources so that our work will be prioritized and now government has already started ignoring us and denying us our allowances? We are feeling insecure,” he told Gold News.

Jacob Amanor says they have decided to move out of the campuses because government does not care about their welfare.

“Since our welfare is not paramount to the government then there is no need to stay on campus,” he indicated.

Jacob Amanor said the hygiene students depressed by the situation in which they find themselves.

“We are on a campus with nurses who are receiving allowances and whenever they receive allowances they will be shouting and chanting in a way of mocking us because on the day we all went through the processes; even on the day of lunching we were forced to wear the “Thank You Nana” lacoste to class even though the nurses didn’t wear those lacostes to class,” he fumed.

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