Breast cancer prevalence to go up because of “inactive” western lifestyle –Medical Doctor


The man in charge of the Breast Multi-disciplinary Team of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Professor Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey says the health sector is expecting breast cancer cases to keep going up.

Currently over 2000 ladies above 40 years contract the disease in Ghana annually. Whiles the deadly disease can be treated if detected early, it is estimated to claim close to a thousand lives in the country annually.

Professor Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey tells Gold News the situation will worsen because of the lifestyle Ghanaians are adopting.

He further intimated “the more we live like the people in the US for example, the more we are going to get this disease.”

October is being observed as breast cancer awareness month to sensitize the public on the need for early detection and treatment of the disease.

Professor Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey says Ghanaians need to be sensitized on the need to lead health lifestyles.

“If we take a lot of fats in our diets, obesity, having periods and menopause at an early age, lack of exercise and low intake of vegetable increases risk of breast cancer,” he said.

He added that breast cancer like other non-communicable diseases is associated with the type of development Ghana is experiencing.

“Whenever people begin to live like that, they are now less active, they are not doing their farm work, not eating what they used to eat; they begin to develop certain diseases like the non-communicable diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers,” he stated.

Professor Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey indicated that even though some of these risk factors can be dealt with, there are other risk factors which cannot be dealt with.

He however emphasized the need for early detection and effective treatment.

Professor Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey also cautioned against the use of untested methods or procedures to treat breast cancer.

He said the use of some of these untested treatments in most cases make breast cancer incurable.

By: Sena Nombo/

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