Tortsogbeza; The Easter Festival of the people of Sokpoe


Every Easter so much noise is made about one location, Kwahu and its allure.

Sometimes it is so over advertised it begins to sound like the only alternative but it is not.

An hour’s drive from Tema Roundabout is an event that combines heritage with the funfair that makes Easter unforgettable.

Every year, the people of Sokpoe gather at their hometown to commemorate the final steps in their migration that landed them at their current settlements.

It is the “Tortsogbeza” which literally means “River Crossing Festival”. The meaning of the festival is in its name.

It dates back to a time when all “Ewe” settlements were springing up and the forbears of the people of Sokpoe were looking for a place to settle. It was a time of war and the Sokpoe were on the run from what might have been a stronger opponent.

In the process they chanced on the people of “Fieve” who currently reside on the opposite side of the river who hid them from their opponents and then allocated them their current location.

That is a short narration of how the people of Sokpoe came to settle at their current location and is exactly what is enacted every time the festival is commemorated.

The re-enactment is done in full traditional regalia and adornments.

Persons who will go to the festival will have the privilege of observing the re-enactment of the aforementioned story; including “the crossing of the Volta River from Fieve to Sokpoe”.

All this is done in the background of the Lower Volta Bridge that links Sokpoe to Sogakope across the Volta River. Sokpoe is the town before Sogakope if you are coming from Accra.

The closeness of Sokpoe to Sogakope means aside from enjoying the festival you can also experience Sogakope’s burgeoning and highly recommended hospitality industry. It also means you have no problem with lodging no matter your preference. This year’s festival will start today Friday 14th April and will be activity packed through to Monday 17th April, 2017 when you have the unique sight of your persons diving from the Lower Volta Bridge into the River.

This year’s Tortsogbeza is dedicated to the construction of a Library in Sokpoe.

The people of Sokpoe are expecting your presence and welcome you to the festival which mixes tradition with modern funfair.

By: Sena Nombo/

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